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The Ivan Krynytskyi Lemko Educational Foundation

KRS: 0000225293

For the Ukrainian regional minority from the Lemko Region, painfully afflicted by history and nowadays too small and scattered in order to independently participate in social life, nominal equality of rights means that this minority is doomed to vanish. In order to preserve its ethnic identity and continuity of existence, this minority requires support which would equalize its unequal chances in relation to the Polish majority, first of all in the access to education.

This is why in September of 2004 Ivan Krynytskyi in a notarized affidavit founded the Ivan Krynytskyi Lemko Educational Foundation, which was registered by the Regional Court for Krakow-Downtown under number KRS 0000225293. The activities of the Foundation are governed by its by-laws, and awarding of scholarships is stipulated by the regulations. The Foundation has been granted the REGON statistical number, the NIP tax identification number and opened its own bank account. On July 21, 2005 the Foundation became a not-for-profit public benefit organization. The Foundation is operated on a volunteer basis. Scholarships are awarded to high school and university students.

The governing bodies of the Foundation are the Board of Directors and the Executive Board. The Board of Directors is the overseeing body for the Executive Board. The Board of Directors is composed of 5 to 9 members invited by the Founder from among educators, culture activists, scholars, and donors who contributed to the Foundation significant funds, or from other community representatives. Persons who contribute at least PLN 10,000.00 receive the status of Donor and may become members of the Board of Directors upon their consent.

In external contacts, the Foundation is represented by the Executive Board which conducts its day-to-day operations and manages its funds. The Executive Board keeps records of donors who financially or materially contributed to the Foundation. The Executive Board is composed of three persons including the President who is nominated by the Founder. The members of the Executive Board are appointed or dismissed by the Founder at the President’s motion.

The Founder has allocated PLN 240,000.00 (80,000 US $) as help for students from the Lemko Region who maintain the identity of their predecessors - the language, religion, and culture, and achieve high marks in their studies but who are at the same time experiencing financial difficulties to support their education. The Foundation’s financial resources are drawn, among others, from donations, bequests, wills of private persons and corporate entities, national and international, from money collections, public events and from commercial activity.

The Ivan Krynytskyi Lemko Educational Foundation is the one and only registered Ukrainian educational foundation in Poland.

The Foundation is trustworthy as it is headed by responsible community representatives. Its activities are monitored by the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Labour as well as the Court in Poland.

If you would like to help in educating young people from the Lemko Region in Poland , you could send funds to the Foundation’s account.

In addition, if you wish to

  • secure the fate of your estate;
  • have control over your estate;
  • make sure your estate is used to support a worthy cause, you can designate a portion of your estate in your will to the Ivan Krynytskyi Lemko Educational Foundation.

Vasyl Shlanta
Chair of the Executive Board

Ivan Krynytskyi
Founder of the Ivan Krynytskyi Lemko Educational Foundation

Łemkowska Fundacja Oświatowa im. Jana Krynickiego
ul. Hallera 20 m. 19
38-300 GORLICE
woj. malopolskie
Tel.: 502 613 406
e-mail: wszlanta@poczta.onet.pl
www: lemkoeducationfound.republika.pl
KRS: 0000225293
NIP: 738-19-91-177
REGON: 492962321
Nr konta: Bank PEKAO S.A. Oddział Gorlice, ul. Jagiełły 4
86 1240 5110 1111 0000 5210 2844

Bodies of the Foundation
Board of Directors of the Foundation:
Andriy Klimash - chair
Josyf Wojtowicz - deputy chair
Stefan Tacyn - secretary
Stefan Hładyk - member
Roman Karpiak - member
Executive Board of the Foundation:
Vasyl Shlanta - chair
Viktoria Hojsak - member
Ivanka Malyniak - member